Small Kitchen Design

These days, functional houses with small space are becoming the norm. This is basically because of two factors. The first being the non-availability of adequate space and the second is that “small” is considered beautiful and appreciated by the present generation.

Small kitchen design

So designing a small house is not only a challenge to many, but designing the interiors of such residences is considered even more challenging. Take for instance, the kitchen of such small houses. It is not mandatory that small houses have smaller kitchens. But the general trend is to maintain small kitchens to ensure that maintenance does not become a routine issue.

Small kitchens have all the features of a regular kitchen. They are as functional as any kitchen, but space will be less. The challenge is to make such small kitchens not only aesthetically appealing, but functional for all seasons. So designing small kitchens assumes greater significance. A few key points that should not be neglected while designing small kitchens are noted below.

Follow the popular adage, “make the best use of the space”. Since availability of space in small kitchens is poor, make sure that the space available is put to optimum use. For instance, it is not suggested to have dining tables inside small kitchens. Dining tables inside small kitchens consume a huge amount of space. Instead, opt for mini kitchen islands. It could be placing a small cabinet that can store many necessary kitchen items or placing a small oven on a table in the center of the kitchen. This will not only add value to the kitchen, but enhance its functionality.

The second factor that has to be kept in mind is the use of natural light in the kitchen. Ensure that the kitchen is adequately ventilated. This is basically to make sure that there is free flow of air in the kitchen considering its utility space. If the ventilation and the chimney are not in the right place, there are possibilities that the air could heat up inside the kitchen creating a lot of discomfort to the occupants. It is recommended that the households install an exhaust fan in small kitchens. Any small kitchen without appropriate ventilation and exhaust vents can harm the health of the individuals occupying it.

Though households usually do not hire a professional house decorator for designing a small kitchen, it is advisable to employ the services of a person, who is well-versed with the art of small kitchen design. For, designing a small kitchen is not an easy task. The households could end up cluttering space by cramming the kitchen with all unrelated appliances and stuff that may seem out of place. A professional house decorator will help streamline these and create adequate space inside the kitchen.

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