Lighting in Your Bathroom

Bathroom is a place where you take a bath or shower, where you brush your teeth, shave and other things related to hygiene and personal care. And that is the exact reason why you need to have a proper lighting in your bathroom, so you will be able to see what you are doing. Here are some tips to choose the kind of lighting for your bathroom.

Before You Choose the Lighting
First, you need to take assessment of how big your bathroom is. Bathrooms come with different size and style. And the lighting you need can differ, depending on the size and style of your bathroom. After all, you want to have a lighting that is not only functional but also suits your bathroom. The second step is to determine where you will need lighting the most. For example, for grooming, you will need lights over the mirror, while if you need to consider bathing your child, then you will need a well-lit tub. Before you can choose lighting for your bathroom, you also need to consider the natural light; whether your bathroom has it and if there is a natural light source, whether you want to cover it or not. Having a natural light source can help you keep energy costs to minimum.

Where to Put the Light
When it comes to lighting, the type of lighting is not the only important thing you need to think about, where you put the lighting can be just as important. For maximum lighting, you need to find fixtures that can provide you light without throwing shadows. For example, you put a strip of lights across the top of the mirror. If you think you have the space, you can also have 2 small lights on either side of the mirror. If your bathroom has a high ceiling, you can use hanging light for modern style.

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