Kitchen cabinet remodeling

Cabinets form an integral part of any kitchen and due care should be taken while remodeling the kitchen cabinet. Before judging or selecting the cabinets for purchase, assess their functionality. Do not select heavy-doored cabinets since they could spoil the aesthetics of the kitchen.

Kitchen cabinet remodeling

The kitchen cabinet comes in three construction types. The construction type refers to the make of the cabinet, the usage of wooden panels and their functionality. There are basically two categories of cabinet construction. The first type is called a framed cabinet, which refers to the cabinet door with frames along the edges. Frameless cabinets refer to such cabinets which do not have borders of frames along the edges. Framed cabinets add aesthetics to the kitchen.

Once you decide the construction type of the cabinet, look for the cabinet door construction type. There is a huge range in this. They are, slab doors, which have no raised or recessed profiles. The other type is the recessed panel, which sports the look of a picture frame. The third type is the raised panel door, which is constructed from several pieces of wood. The fourth type is the routed cabinet door. It means cabinet doors made of medium density fiberboard. This gives the door a raised appearance.

If you are choosing a wooden cabinet, be clear about the type of wood used in making them. Some of the popular choices of wood preferred for cabinets are maple, oak, cherry, pine, poplar, hickory, birch and ordinary wood. All these wooden cabinets are durable and have a significant lifetime.

After concluding the wood choice, opt for the ‘finish’ of the cabinet. Some of the preferred finishes are unpainted wooden, painted wooden, hi-tech finishing, polyurethane finish, polished finish, matted finish, glazed finish and grained finish.

When selecting the finish of the wood, the following points should be ascertained. They are sanding procedures, ultra violet inhibitors, hand-rubbed stains, conversion varnish and high solid sealers.

The next factor to be checked are the hinges of the cabinet doors that come in various formats. They are knuckle hinges, which give the cabinet doors a self-closing nature. The second category is the knife hinges, which are embedded in the door without exposing its presence. Another category is the concealed hinge, which come as part of the cabinet. These hinges are not visible since they are concealed inside the door.

The last but important factor are the accessories and handles of the cabinets and doors. They com in various formats like metal, wooden and synthetic material. Choose the accessories and handles that synchronize with the cabinet material.

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