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1 News adalah perkhidmatan TV online yang boleh ditengok rakyat Malaysia. 1 News diluncurkan lima tahun lepas, tepatnya 19 April 2013, dengan slogan dia “It’s Credible”. Logo 1News pun bertuliskan “OneNews” dengan color red and white.The basic features of the 1News are news, interest-based, interactive, exclusive, compact and compact news releases.


1 News provide accurate and interactive news. Selain daripada siaran News pun, kita boleh tengok kalau 1 News provide documentary, dan society program, juga news berkenaan places for tourists visit. Siaran ini adalah news yang diluncurkan pada TV1 dan TV2. Sebelumnya, 1 News diluncurkan dekat Taylor’s University di Subang Jaya, yang formernya adalah Secretary General of the Ministry of Information, Communications and Culture Datuk Seri Kamaruddin Siaraf. 1 News is an online television services owned by Radio Television Malaysia. 1News broadcast melalui website myklik RTM https://myklik.rtm.gov.my/live/1News dan channel 405 of Unifi TV.

When open the website, in the main page you will see Home, News, Magazine, Talkshows, Sport and Lifestyle, Perkhidmatan Awam and NGO. And then, on the below there is play screen if you wants to watch 1 News TV Malaysia online. Below the play screen there are headline news about the latest news, news videos and editor choice article.

When you point to News, Magazine, Talkshows, Sport and Lifestyle, there is drop down to show you the option. The drop down option for News is Edisi Terkini, Edisi Semasa, Rentas Benua, Latest Edition, Current Edition, Global View, Zon Niaga, Berita Lokal, Berita Sukan, and #ONVIRAL. For Magazine is Laporan Khas, Di Sebalik Islam, Lensa Jalanan, Agro, Mai Duit, Skuad ALFA, 1Health, Discover Perak, Minda Pengarang, and JIBRIL. For Talkshows you will see the option like this, Wawancara Khas, Bajet 2015, THE TOWNHALL, Pak Deris, and Bajet 2017. For the last Sport and Lifestyle is Chillax, Lifestyle, Spotlight, Golf, Ramadan & Syawal and SUKAN SEA.